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Building a Career in the Big 4 with Tim Rockell

Image of Arwa Al-alshaikh
Arwa Al-alshaikh

Psion insights has provided dozens of experienced and efficient mentors to guide the interns in means of project management, campaign procedures, technology algorithms.. etc. These mentors, although fully occupied, are freeing their time to improve the interns work approach. Jason Wells, founder of Psion Insights, has handpicked and contacted the most prominent mentors this internship has to offer.

At first, we are sending a huge thanks to Mr. Tim Rockell for taking out his valuable time for delivering an insightful and enriching session about his career in one of the Big4 firms.

Tim Rockell who has recently established his own company “Energy Strat Asia Pte Ltd” in Singapore, discussed with our interns about building a career in the Big4 firms, covered his career journey taking him from UK, Saudi Arabia and Singapore with KPMG, and the opportunities that had opened up along the way.

He welcomed our intern's questions and spoke of his passion for the ever-changing energy and infrastructure sector and his enjoyment in spending seven years in KPMG Al Fozan in Saudi Arabia.

With a wealth of industry experience under his belt, Mr. Tim covered the following aspects:

  • The importance of self-development, professional networking and driving young professional's activities. He also provided tips to graduates seeking to join the Big4.
  • The fact that the accounting, tax and consulting industry is a place for all graduates, not necessarily for those with accounting degrees.
  • Opportunities in Energy and Infrastructure technology development are making the sector a dynamic industry to build all types of career within MNCs and start-ups.

We are grateful to Mr. Tim for his time and for all the insight and helpful tips for our interns to succeed, learn, build professional relationships, and grow. 

Psion Insights will always keep up connecting the interns with the best mentors on the field, this session was part of the Internship program for students based in Saudi Arabia and Singapore. 

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