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Fraud Risk Management in the Current Age with Prem Kumar

Image of Arwa Al-alshaikh
Arwa Al-alshaikh

The Psion Insights' internship programme builds students capabilities through key experiences and expert mentors sharing their knowledge and providing guidance.

We were pleased to have Mr. Premkumar Sivakuma share his knowledge and experience and provide our interns insights about fraud risk management. 

Mr. Premkumar is a Certified Fraud Expert (CFE) and a Certified Compliance Professional (CCP) with strong work experience in Financial Services and Aviation Industry

During the session he covered:

  • The Fraud Triangle that helps in identifying the intent behind fraudsters / scammers commiting fraud
  • The Fraud Landscape showing the use of sophisticated tools by fraudsters to stay ahead of victims and avoid detection
  • Relationships between fraud scenarios and the fraud triangle to understand areas of vulnerabilities
  • How increased customer adoption of digital platforms due to the current pandemic has resulted in a surge of online based fraud
  • Online fraud types e.g. account takeover, refund fraud, etc.
  • Preventive measures and tips to safeguard against the current fraud trends 

We are grateful to Mr. Premkumar for delivering such an interesting learning session.

Psion Insights Virtual Internship Programme (VIP)

This session was part our virtual internship suitable for students anywhere in the world.

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