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Project Management Overview with Sid Khan

Image of Arwa Al-alshaikh
Arwa Al-alshaikh

Can you run a project without project management? it was unnecessary a few decades ago. However, in this everchanging economy and due to the importance of communication within the team,  project management is now an essential part of how we implement change or resolve incidents and issues.

Psion Insight's invited Sid Khan, one of our mentors, to provide our interns an overview of project management and the key factors they need to focus on.

Before we share the learning outcomes from the session, we would like to thank Sid Khan for taking the time to expand our knowledge about project management through an interactive and informative session.  

Who is Sid Khan? 

Sid Khan is a Project Leader delivering strategic change programs in financial services.   He shared his knowledge of project management and its importance and did a great job of answering the intern’s questions.

Key Takeaways

Sid's session covered the following: 

  • Project management introduction
  • Key processes   
  • Difference between waterfall and agile methods

During the session, Sid shared some real examples of projects and emphasized how projects can be impacted by the country’s rules and regulations.  He also shared with the interns the skills needed to work in the project management field and encouraged them to earn professional certifications if possible.

Psion Insights Virtual Internship Programme (VIP)

This session was part of our virtual internship suitable for students anywhere in the world.

Find out more about our Student Internship and Mentor Program.

If you would like to apply then you can reach us at or

We help grow your capabilities as an intern and as a mentor!

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