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Psion Insights Pitches at IoT Tribe Demo Day

Image of Jason Wells
Jason Wells

On the 17th of June 2020, Psion Insights took part in the IoT Tribe Deep Tech Accelerator Pitch Day in Singapore.  The day saw pitches from 10 startups that had just completed the 12-week technology accelerator programme.

The demo day also included two panels:

Finding the next startup to co-create new offerings with:

  • Sachin Gupta, Chief of IoT Capability Group, Rolls Royce
  • Abhinav Singhal, Chief Strategic Officer, Asia Pacific, Thyssenkrupp
  • Simon Siah, Innovation Consultant, Y-Lab, National Gallery Singapore

Investor Playbook: Investing in the next deep tech unicorn

  • Benno Jering, Principal, Redline Capital
  • Joseph Mocanu, Managing Partner, Verge HealthTech Fund
  • Jeffrey Chi, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Vickers Venture Partners

Psion Insights was the 1st startup after the 2nd panel and kicked off the 2nd group of startup pitches.  The video below includes the first 2 mins and covers why we need to manage risk smarter and how Psion Insights is approaching some of the critical problems in existing technology.

By 2027  the Governance, Risk

and Compliance (GRC) solutions market is assessed to be around 88.5 Billion dollars growing at 14% CAGR.

We see significant opportunity with small to mid-tier regulated businesses as some of the GRC

leaders are not suitable for this market segment. 

With Psion Advisor, we see an excellent opportunity to support the front line as part of digital transformation in risk.  Our digital advisor reduces complexity, provides answers to crucial questions faster and ultimately makes existing risk databases smarter. 

If you would like to watch the full pitch video or learn more as an investor then email us

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